Belcanto4her Opera Academy with Capucine Chiaudani

Why Belcanto4her Opera Academy?

Belcanto4her Opera Academy is my practice room dedicated to all Singing Ladies, whether you are a student who needs guidance, a semi- professional or professional singer who wishes to refresh her know-how or is passionate about Classical Singing and Opera.

Especially Italian Opera and Belcanto, but not only.

In Belcanto4her Opera Academy Room, I will guide you through your repertoire from a musical, technical, interpretive and linguistic point of view.

Here you will find a warm and protected community where you will be free to experiment, improve and grow without feeling judged, in a supportive environment.

You will have the opportunity to learn by working on your repertoire and also by listening to others singing their repertoire.

You will learn from others’ mistakes and successes.

My dream is to help, guide and empower female singers ladies to achieve their goals and dreams in a protected community of ladies who share the same passion.

My passion is to give you the tools to rediscover your true voice and become the best version of yourself.

Passion will be our key!
Passion can move mountains and make wonders happen.
And I believe in wonders!

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Is this practice room for me?

If you are a female singer passionate about classical singing and in love with Opera or Italian Belcanto,

If you wish to reignite your motivation and enthusiasm for your learning process,

If you are looking for a safe musical community of soulmates, 

Whether you are a beginner or a semi-professional or professional singer, or passionate about Classical Singing and Opera, whether you want to reset your vocal technique or are recovering from a vocal crisis,

Then this is the right place for you: definitely yes!


Because here you will get the answers you are looking for, clear instructions and consciousness about your voice/body/instrument.

Take the first step to make your dream come true today!

What benefits does it give it to me?

✅ A Practice Room every 2 weeks where you can learn actively and/or passively

✅ Membership to a very exclusive musical community trough a very cheap and affordable monthly subscription 

✅Ladies of any level are welcome: from beginners to advanced to professionals

✅Q & R

✅Replays of the practice rooms you miss

✅Flexible dates, so that everyone has the chance to participate

✅Exclusive discounts on my other courses on my website

✅Exclusive Live-Masterclasses experience with me: Capucine Chiaudani, Italian Dramatic Soprano & Voice Professor at Kalaidos Univeristy Zurich

✅ A community of singing ladies who share your same passion & good vibes

✅ A safe environment where you can share your doubts and vocal crisis

(because we are here to help and sustain you!)

✅ Vocal practice & listening

✅ Vocal technique tips & instructions

✅ Interpretation guidance

✅ Musical guidance

✅ Linguistic guidance

✅ Practice your new repertoire or review the old

✅ Learning the Italian Belcanto

✅ Learning from others

✅ The chance to train singing in front of others

✅ Finding the joy of Singing

✅ Focus on what makes the difference, on what is a “must” in Classical singing and Belcanto

✅ Practical tools to get the maximum result with minimum effort

✅ Gain consciousness & know-how to discover or re-discover your true voice

Why should I trust you?

You can check more than 600 videos about vocal technique on my Youtube channel “Capucine’s Belcanto4u Vocal Coaching Channel” and decide for yourself.

There you can find out how I teach and guide singers to discover their true voice: 

You can check also my Fanpage “Capucine’s Belcanto4u Friends” where I post many of my Tips of the Day, Mini-lessons and extracts from Masterclasses:

Not ready to expose yourself in a practice room?

Alright…do not worry…no-one obliges you to participate actively.

You can also participate passively and learn from others just by listening.

You will learn from their experience and their repertoire.

You will learn from my instructions about vocal technique, interpretation, music and diction.

And who knows…maybe one day you might change your mind and will also want to try to sing in front of others!

You never know…

Course structure

We will meet every 2 weeks for 1 hr to 1 hr and 15 min.

In other words every masterclass will cost you around 10 euros only!

Really? Really!

During every appointment, 3 singers will get a time-slot of 20 minutes each.

I will also dedicate a little extra time to offer some other content which will help you grow as a singer and performer.

Who am I to tell you all this?

I was born in Genoa, Italy.

I have been singing since I was a child.

It was my way to communicate and connect to the world.

I have known that I would be a musician since my childhood.

It was a calling, not a choice.

I studied singing at the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello in Venice and at the Conservatorio G.B.Martini in Bologna.

I went on to further vocal training with Tenor Arrigo Pola (the first Maestro of Pavarotti), Soprano Gabriella Tucci, Soprano Maria Luisa Cioni, Maestro Paolo Vaglieri.

I was a member of the Opernstudio in Zurich and participated in masterclasses with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Giusy Devinu, Dalton Baldwin, and Maestro Leone Magiera.

Nowadays, as an accredited Voice Professor for Classical Singing at the Kalaidos University in Zürich, I have been invited for collaborations at prestigious institutions, such as:

– HfMDK Hochschule fùr Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt
– Conservatorio Superior de Liceu, Barcelona
– HKB University of the Arts, Bern
– Swiss Opera Studio, Biel
– Operastudio Netherland, Amsterdam
– Losw Lyric Opera Studio, Weimar
– Berlin Opera Academy
– Opera Academy Henfenfeld
– Dutch National Opera Amsterdam
– XV Congress of the Voice Professor Association of Catalunia (Spain)
– European Academy of Music in Erba
– Mosf Mediterranean Opera Studio & Festival
– M for the Arts Institute, Washington (online)
– Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy, New York (online)

I have been invited to hold a Masterclass for the Voice Professors of Catalunia at the XV Congress of the Voice Professor Association of Catalunia (Spain) and worked also as Italian Coach at the Dutch National Opera Amsterdam.

Guest Professor at the XV Congress of the Voice Professor Association of Catalunia (Spain)

I performed as soloist in world-renowned opera houses and festivals mainly soprano and mezzosoprano roles, such as:
Medea, Tosca, Fedora, Desdemona (Otello), Leonora (Forza del destino), Mimì (Boheme), Fiordiligi and Despina (Così fan tutte), Donna Elvira (Don Giovanni), Alice Ford (Falstaff), Nedda (Pagliacci), Flora (Traviata), Gertrude (Hänsel and Gretel), Berta (Barber of Seville), Laura (Luisa Miller), Maria de Buenos Aires of Piazzolla.

I recorded the opera Fedra of Simon Mayr for the label Oehms Classics.

Tosca (Puccini)
Alice Ford in Verdi’s Falstaff
Fedra (Johann Simon Mayer)

Today my biggest passion is to pass my stage experience and know-how on to new generations of singers.

I offer mentoring, masterclasses and coaching worldwide, both in person and online to singers of any level, from students to professionals.

I also help in vocal crisis situations.

I strongly believe that there is always hope.

I am a living proof of it.

Years ago, due to very heavy chemo-therapy, I completely lost my voice in the middle of my career and had to rebuild it from scratch.

I won the battle and was able to go back on stage and perform again.

Masterclass at HfMDK Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts

This was the best experience of my life.

This experience gave me a new consciousness.

The consciousness that enables me to help and guide others today.

I rediscovered my voice and realized that it is always possible to rebuild a voice if you know how to do it.

Therefore I also help singers who are in vocal crisis situations.

My aim is to help singers to become the best version of themselves, give them back their hope, their true voice and the joy of singing.

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Your dream is my dream

In my Belcanto4her Opera Academy I will help you to:

– achieve a map for healthy, reliable, replicable singing

– get clear and powerful maneuvers to get the maximum result with the minimum effort

– realize your dream: find your true voice

– become the best version of yourself

– get consciousness about your voice/body instrument like a real athlete of the voice

– find hope and the joy of singing again, even after a vocal crisis

Masterclass at Swiss Opera Studio, Biel

Are there testimonials?

Oooooh yeeessss!!!

Many and you can really trust their sincerity and authenticity.

Capucine Chiaudani possesses a clarity and talent for communicating her great knowledge of the style and repertoire, as well as technical vocal instruction. I am most pleased to recommend Capucine for any work involving the voice or style.

Mrs. Chiaudani proved to be an excellent teacher both with technique and with musical style. The additional aspect of her having Italian as her native language proved to be an invaluable adjunct to her abilities to teach.

It was a great pleasure to work with her because she is such a sensible and mature artist as well as a great colleague. She is a dedicated artist with touching sensitivity. She has a wide experience on the opera stage, having performed important title roles of the Italian romantic repertory.

From a technical and interpretive standpoint Capucine’s teaching is of the very highest international level, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to either build a professional technical foundation or to polish their craftsmanship, in the Italian repertoire especially.

Well-founded knowledge! Wonderful teacher!

Are you ready? Jump on board!

Don’t procrastinate…do not do tomorrow what you can do today.

Your future and your singing career depends on the choices you make today.

This is an investment in YOUR future and your success as a performer, singer, educator, choir singer and soloist.

Whatever you wish to be you will not regret having started this journey and learning process.

This course opens your horizons even if you are not a performer or an educator.

As long as you are passionate about singing you will enjoy the learning process.

So join the journey and jump on board now!


To help you even more you also have additional bonuses: YESSS!

– 10% discount on 1 private coaching session of 60 minutes

– 10 % off on a vocal evaluation

– 10% off on my vocal technique manual CONSCIOUS ATHLETES OF THE VOICE!

– Gift of the whole Mozart Recitatives Trilogy recorded by me (Italian diction!)

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Dear all,

“Opera4u” is now avaiable, which we believe will greatly enhance your experience and enjoyment of this wonderful music genre. 

With this app, you will have access to all the videos and lectures of the Fundamentals for Conscious Athletes of the Voice course.

Our user-friendly interface is designed to make it easy and intuitive to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. 

With Opera4u App you will immerse yourself in the beautiful world of this timeless art form!

What happens once I have purchased the course?

Click on the button and decide which payment method you wish to use.

You will receive an automatic email with access to the Belcanto4her Practice Room and all the instructions and information to contact us in case you are in need of technical support.

If I want to go deeper in my training: what else is available to me in addition to the practice room?

My schedule is very full, but I will make time for private coaching for my exclusive clients.

As a member of my Belcanto4her Practice Room, you can also book private coaching sessions with special benefits:

– 10% discount on 3 private coaching sessions of 60 minutes

10% off on my vocal technique manual CONSCIOUS ATHLETES OF THE VOICE!

Embrace the learning process

Embrace it: you deserve it!

If you are here, you likely want to grow as a musician, singer, performer, educator and human being.

If you are here, you are looking for answers and clarity that you have not found yet.

On this journey, I will go straight to the point and give you clear understandable strategies and practical tools.

You will get instructions in order to become a conscious athlete of the voice.

This course will enable you to grow with autonomy and improve your singing efficiently and consistently.

Trust in the process!

It works!

I know it: I have seen wonders happen in front of my eyes.

Wonders really are possible!

See you in class!

Happy singing to everyone,

blessings & a big hug



FEE: 10 euro (x2 Masterclass) only: the price of the pizza

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